Pax Christi International presents testimony to the New York City Council on Nuclear Disarmament

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Today (January 28, 2020) Pax Christi International presented testimony (through its NGO Main Representative to the United Nations in New York, Mary T. Yelenick) to the New York City Council in support of two pending legislative proposals:  (1) RES 976, Resolution on Nuclear Disarmament (which would instruct the pension funds of New York City employees to divest from companies involved in nuclear weapons; reaffirm New York City as a Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone; and support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons); and (2) Create a New York City Nuclear Disarmament and Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Advisory Committee.  Pax Christi International, which had previously submitted a written letter to the New York City Council in support of these initiatives, was one of dozens of entities and individuals (representing the NGO, Hibakusha, indigenous, ecumenical, peace, academic, labor, environmental, healthcare, arts, student, and  scientific communities, among others) testifying in person at the hearing in support of the proposed legislation.  

To read the testimony, click here