Landscape view of the West Bank showing buildings from Bethlehem.

Pax Christi Austria rejects Israeli annexation plans

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The following is a statement from Pax Christi Austria on the proposed annexation of Palestinian territories. 

Pax Christi Austria rejects Israel’s announced plans to annex Palestinian territories as a serious violation of international law. The advancement of this project by the Israeli government endangers peace, brings the danger of further unrest and does not help the affected people in the region. We therefore support the call of the World Council of Churches and the Middle East Council of Churches for European foreign ministers to take a firm and principled stand against the project, which is contrary to international law. We call on Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg (Austria) to immediately join the joint appeal of the EU countries to Israel to abandon its annexation plans.

Photo of the West Bank by Dennis Jarvis via Flickr. (CC BY-SA 2.0)