An appeal to Pope Francis: The path of nonviolence toward a Laudato Si’ future

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The Church is celebrating the fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’: On care for our common home, the powerful and beautifully crafted encyclical which calls us to a new understanding of all of the connections woven into creation. In this time of crisis, it is clear that nonviolence is a crucial pillar in the foundation of the more just and sustainable post-pandemic world to which Laudato Si’ leads us.

We invite you to sign this message to Pope Francis expressing our gratitude for his leadership during this time of crisis and our support for the teachings of Laudato Si’.

For more information and to find this appeal in French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese please visit the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative website.

Photo: Stefano Avolio via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)