Month: December 2020

SIGNIS Media features Pax Christi International

SIGNIS, the “World Catholic Association for Communication,” spotlights Pax Christi International in the December 2020 issue of its magazine, SIGNIS Media. As the editors of SIGNIS write: “[SIGNIS and Pax Christi] are bound together by a common vision of peace rooted in the Church’s social teaching: peace is the fruit of justice, reconciliation, and respect

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A Christmas retreat on Gospel nonviolence

A Christmas retreat on gospel nonviolence

On 18 December (at 15.00 GMT and again at midnight GMT, 19 December), Pax Christi International offered a three-hour online retreat focused on nonviolence. This unique program was crafted in cooperation with the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development with tremendous support from Tom Eddington. Approximately 500 persons from around the world were able

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