SIGNIS Media features Pax Christi International

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SIGNIS, the “World Catholic Association for Communication,” spotlights Pax Christi International in the December 2020 issue of its magazine, SIGNIS Media.

As the editors of SIGNIS write: “[SIGNIS and Pax Christi] are bound together by a common vision of peace rooted in the Church’s social teaching: peace is the fruit of justice, reconciliation, and respect for human rights. So it is that in our world in these times, perhaps more than ever, peace can only be achieved through action. A culture of peace is built through efforts to halt extractive industries from destroying the planet and indigenous peoples. It is created by offering alternatives to militias as a remedy to unemployment. It is brought about by tedious negotiations in favor of disarmament. In our relationships, our society, and our world, it means choosing nonviolent ways to resolve conflicts. In all of this work there is a place for stories, both to encourage those so engaged and to invite others to join in. Those narratives communicate the Good News.”

We are grateful to our colleagues at SIGNIS for the giving us the opportunity to share more about our work and mission. Read the issue, with articles in English, French and Spanish, here.