Faith leaders, family members kidnapped in Haiti

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The political, economic, and social situation in Haiti remains exceedingly difficult. The Haitian Conference of Religious (CHR) announced on 11 April the kidnapping of five priests, two sisters, and three other people who were family members of a priest. We have received this news with sorrow and concern for our members and partners in Haiti, the Catholic community there, and all people of Haiti who endure violence and instability. We pray for their safe return.

The following is a message from the CHR

Subject: Announcement of the kidnapping of the religious and biological family members of P Arnel Jospeh, PSJ

The CHR expresses its deep sorrow, but also its anger at the sub-human situation in which we have been wading for more than a decade. Not a day goes by without weeping and gnashing of teeth and yet the so-called leaders of this country, while clinging to power, are increasingly powerless and, equally, non-existent if we consider the responsibility of a power established according to the norms that govern a nation. We can’t take it anymore!

Here are the names of those abducted:

Five (5) Priests, 4 of whom were from the Society of Priests of St. James
Fr Evens Joseph, PSJ,
Fr Michel Briand (French nationality), PSJ,
Fr Jean Nicaisse Milien, PSJ
Fr Joël Thomas, PSJ
Fr Hugues Baptiste, priest of the Archdiocese of Cap-Haitien

Two (2) nuns
Sr Anne Marie Dorcélus, PSST – Aunt of Fr Arnel Joseph, PSJ
Sr Agnès Bordeau (French nationality), Sister of Providence de la Pommeraye

Three (3) members of the family of Fr Arnel Joseph, PSJ
Mrs Oxane Dorcélus, his mother
Ms Lovely Joseph, his sister
Mr Welder Joly, his godfather

My beloved, let us be united and let us unceasingly carry the abductees, their religious and biological families in our prayers.

Photo: via Flickr (CC 2.0)