Responding to Violence: Nonviolence in Action in Goma

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In mid-April in Goma (DR Congo) there were major demonstrations by young people and the general population against the presence of United Nations peacekeepers who are seen as ineffective and unhelpful in preventing massacres by armed groups in the region. (Story continues below photos)

As these demonstrations degenerated into violence for several days, Pax Christi International member Africa Reconciled stepped into action. Aware of the major challenges facing the region and the problems of repetitive violence, Africa Reconciled organised a three-day workshop (20 to 22 April) to reflect on peace.

The workshop was characterised by deep and fruitful discussions on effective mechanisms for building peace through active nonviolence, youth entrepreneurship, and good governance.

This workshop made clear the relevance of combining the institutional efforts of public authorities and community involvement of young people and the urban population of GOMA to build lasting peace.

At the end of the workshop, the young people who participated signed a pledge to work tirelessly for peace through nonviolence, to carry out advocacy, and continue dialogue between young people and authorities on issues of peace, nonviolence, governance, and entrepreneurship.

A short video with highlights from the three-day event in Goma in response to violent protests in the region.
Conversation with Pascal Mugaruka, director of Africa Reconciled.