International Day of Peace Message

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Amid Pandemic and Climate Emergency, Global Peacebuilders Call on Governments to Invest in Peace

Pax Christi International joins over 200 organisations release statement for International Day of Peace. Click here for PDF version of the statement.

Over 200 peacebuilding organisations have issued a joint statement calling on governments to work for peace. The statement highlights the need for a new global partnership to mainstream peace, justice, and inclusion central to efforts to transform our world and respond to the challenges we face. The statement asserts that peace is not an add-on: peace is the way.

The statement, released at the opening of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, calls on governments and the international community to: refocus on peace, justice and inclusion, in development, in crisis response, and in addressing the climate emergency; mainstream and step up investment in peace; prioritise inclusion and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms; and step away from securitised responses.

The statement reads, in part. “As we face the stark human-made realities of a warming planet, we must redouble our peace efforts, to help mediate and navigate the immense shifts in power and resources that will be needed to forestall further avoidable temperature rise, to prevent and resolve the conflicts that may be exacerbated or precipitated by environmental destruction; and to prepare the path to a more sustainable, peaceful, and equitable future.”

The Quaker United Nations Office in New York – an organization that works to promote peace and justice at the United Nations and other global institutions – played a key role in drafting and circulating the statement. The signatories include organisations dedicated to peace from around the world, including faith-based groups, international development agencies, policy organisations, and others. See the complete statement and signatories here.

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