Empowering Religious Sisters through Active Nonviolence in Kenya

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Pax Christi International recently completed another round of training in nonviolence and peacebuilding in Kenya. The training was carried out in partnership with the Association of Sisterhood in Kenya as part of a broader, multi-year effort to expand the practice of nonviolence in the region. Nearly 400 people participated in the activities, workshops, and trainings, including 200 young people.

The training in active nonviolence and peacebuilding provided participants with tools and skills necessary to become trainers themselves in their local communities. Participation empowerd them to become artisans of peace and taught them how to accompany victims of violence. This helps transform communities through the creation of a culture of peace, reconciliation and acceptance. As Kenya approaches elections later in 2022, there is an increased need to cultivate active nonviolence in communities. This training program is an essential way to effect real, positive social change.The sisters who completed the training are determined to make sure peace, love, and unity prevail in their homeland.