Listen for Lent

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Pax Christi International prayerfully invites all its friends and supporters to embark on a contemplative journey of listening on the occasion of Lent. 

We live in an increasingly noisy and chaotic world, with multiple global crises happening all at once. In particular, we are following with great concern the current developments in Ukraine. We express our deepest solidarity with the people of Ukraine and pray for those courageous peacemakers in Ukraine and Russia who work for positive change in nonviolent ways.

As chaos looms, we risk losing sight of what really matters. This is why we have to seek silence to focus on the important things we still have to achieve: justice and peace.

How can we discern this? How can we become effective peacemakers?

Every week, we will share with you inspiring quotations by peacebuilders that encourage reflection on a different theme close to our work. On Sundays, we will meditate together on the readings of the day guided by the words of our co-president, Sister Teresia Wamũyũ Wachira (IBVM). 

Introduction to the Lenten Resources

Quotations and Reflections for First Week of Lent (Theme: Transformation)

Quotations and Reflections for Second Week of Lent (Theme: Reconciliation)

Quotations and Reflections for Third Week of Lent (Theme: Solidarity)

Quotations and Reflections for Fourth Week of Lent (Theme: Justice)

Quotations and Reflections for Fifth Week of Lent (Theme: Peacebuilding)

Quotations and Reflections for Sixth Week of Lent (Theme: Nonviolence)