World Week of Peace for Palestine and Israel

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The annual World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel takes place from 15 to 22 September. During this week — which includes the International Day of Prayer for Peace on 21 September — church organisations, congregations, and people of faith will be organising worship services, educational events, and acts of support for lasting and just peace in Palestine and Israel.

Pax Christi International encourages its members and partners to participate in the week however they can. You may follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily posts and reflections.

We are also encouraging people within our movement who have citizenship of an European Union country to support the Stop Settlement campaign by signing a petition to the EU to stop trade with illegal settlements. From the campaign website, “The EU opposes annexation and considers illegal settlements in occupied territories as an obstacle to international peace and stability. But even though illegal settlements constitute a war crime, the EU allows trade with them. That trade allows for profits from annexation and contributes to the expansion of illegal settlements across the world. We are calling for an EU law that will end trade with illegal settlements once and for all. This law will apply to occupied territories anywhere, among them the Occupied Palestine Territory and Israel’s illegal settlements there.”