Month: July 2023

Pax Christi International supports Pope Francis’ Call for a Ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine War

Pax Christi International’s Secretary General, Martha Inés Romero, and more than 40 other faith leaders signed a letter to support Pope Francis’ call for diplomatic initiatives to end the war in Ukraine and to cultivate a Just Peace. We encourage you to share this letter with your religious network and communities or write a media

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This is how you can support the Pope’s Call for Diplomatic Negotiations in Ukraine

appeal to those in authority over nations to make concrete efforts to end the conflict

Pictured: the UNESCO Interfaith Meeting on Wednesday 21 June, at the premises of the Association of Friends of Master Chin Kung at UNESCO. The conflict in Ukraine has inflicted devastating consequences. With each passing day, the toll of this war grows, as more lives are lost and countless individuals are forced to become refugees. This

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Pax Christi International supports the call from Faith Leaders for corporate accountability

Together, we must care of Creation: a call from Faith Leaders for Corporate accountability

Pax Christi International signed  The Statement ‘Together, we must care of Creation: a call from Faith Leaders for Corporate accountability’, signed by Faith Leaders from around the globe.  In a powerful show of solidarity, more than 160 faith leaders worldwide, men and women from various faiths, have come together in a common statement urging European Union lawmakers to

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