Pax Christi Italy


Our logo includes the words "Pax Christi" because they sum up our spirituality. From them you know that we believe in a peace gospel and that we have put our roots in the Pauline expression "Christ is our peace". In particular the letter X forms a cross because according to God's plan the cross is the instrument through which peace is given to all humanity. At the same time the cross is like a straight road from sky to earth, and vice versa. We have used the colours of the rainbow for this logo because that is one of the principal symbols chosen by God as a gift and sign of the covenant with men and women. You will note that we have added another symbol - shaped like an arch - to represent the span of our work for peace.

We receive the gift of peace from God, through Christ, and we give the same gift to our brothers and sisters with the help of the Holy Spirit. The gesture is very similar to that of the sower scattering the seed on the land.