Pax Christi USA

The story of Pax Christi USA
is the story of unsettled souls
burning with the vision of another way
of humility, compassion, commitment
of justice and peace.
It is a story of sanity
persistent, determined, resolute, tenacious
against the cruelty of a fortune
spent on arms
against the sin of national security
built upon the insecurity of the planet
against the tragedy of an economy
rested on the peddling of death.
It is the story of hope
building alliances with

a broken and violated world

crying for justice
in the Philippines and Haiti
in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Middle East
in the United States
working, faithfully working for human rights
and the common good.
It is a movement of God’s children
yearning for an end to all that separates us
one from the other
for an end to racism, sexism, classism, militarism
privilege, abusive power, greed
dismantling walls of hatred
seeking common ground, peaceful ground, just ground
in neighbourhoods, countries, the world.
The story of Pax Christi USA
is the story of courage unfolding
the story of pilgrimage
a great gathering of faithful people
hungry for peace in a violent world
hungry for justice in an unjust world
hungry for meaning in a culture of consumption
hungry for respect in a culture of death
hungry for strong fabric
in the seamless garment of life.

(from a poem that was written for the 25th anniversary of Pax Christi USA)