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Amazonian Indigenous Peoples Facing the Coronavirus

In solidarity with indigenous organizations, federations and nationalities at the Amazon regional level, Pax Christi International co-signed a statement to express deep concern about the impending threat of COVID-19 in their ancestral territories and communities and to demand integrated, effective, and culturally adequate state responses to this crisis. This begins with an immediate moratorium on any

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Contribution of the Colombian National NGOs Roundtable on business and human rights

Colombian NGOs, with the support of Pax Christi International, have released a new statement to address business-related human rights abuses. The statement 1) suggests concrete measures to identify, prevent, mitigate and implement accountability for the real and potential effects in conflict and post-conflict situations, 2) addresses the relationship between the United Nations Guiding Principles on

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Protect migrants during the covid-19 pandemic!

Pax Christi International joins with colleagues from Central America, Mexico and the United States in offering this framework for action to protect migrants and refugees and help all of our communities survive this crisis and rebuild with justice and equity. Release as many migrants and asylum seekers from detention as possible Take immediate steps to

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