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Civil Society Freedoms in Russia Under Threat

The following is a statement on civil society freedoms in Russia delivered by Pax Christi International at the Conference of International Non-governmental Organisations of the Council of Europe webinar on World Non-governmental Organisation Day 26 February 2021 Pax Christi International represents a Catholic peace network of more than 100 national movements and associations acting for

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European Peace Facility risks fueling conflict and human rights violations around the world

The following is a joint press release and statement signed by Pax Christi International along with 40 other civil society organisations. EU governments are negotiating a new funding instrument that presents a fundamental shift towards a more military approach in EU foreign policy, and risks causing large-scale civilian harm around the world. Joint statement:  €5bn European

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Support for Belarusians and their Peaceful Protests

Pax Christi International’s Co-President sends letter to Archbishop of Minsk in support of Belarusians and their peaceful protests. Following worrying developments in Belarus, Msgr. Marc Stenger (Co-President of Pax Christi International) has sent a letter to Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz of Minsk, expressing deep concern over escalating tensions in Belarus. In the letter, Pax Christi International’s

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