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Responding to structural violence exposed by Covid19

Pax Christi International offers the following essays which reflect the complexity of the issues made visible by this current pandemic. They are written by Marie Dennis in consultation with Pax Christi partners and colleagues. Les traductions françaises seront bientôt publiées Las traducciones al español se publicarán pronto 1: It is time to foster a nonviolent

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Women Leaders Call for Peace and Sustainable Development

Women leaders in India from UN gallery

Pax Christi International secretary general Greet Vanaerschot joins 237 women leaders from around the world in a call for action in the face of the humanitarian and economic crises. The legislators, religious leaders, and civil society representatives called on governments and policy makers to overcome differences and divisions to work for the flourishing of peace,

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Amazon Crisis: Covid-19

Pax Christi International echoes the call by the Amazonian indigenous peoples, asking civil society from PanAmazonia and the world, the Catholic Church and all religious denominations concerned with the care of Creation, governments, international human rights institutions, the scientific community, artists and all people of good will, to join efforts in defense of the “beloved

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