Interchurch Partnership Apostolic City – Nevskaya Perspetive

191002 PO Box 31,

St. Petersburg

For visits: Zagorodny str. 28, St. Petersburg

Russian Federation
Marina Shishova
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Program Priorities: 

Our organization is engaged in the realization of missionary and religious enlightenment programs of the Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran Churches in St. Petersburg. We share the position that all Christians must be active peacemakers, seeking new approaches to disarmament, international dialogue and security, human rights, and fair development.

The Interchurch Partnership conducts activities directed at peacemaking and the overcoming of religious, ethnic, and political conflicts. Some of our activities were supported or done in co-operation with Pax Christi International and we appreciate it as a really fruitful work. The above-mentioned peacemaking work is mainly run by the peacemaking enter “Irenicon” which is one of the departments of the Interchurch Partnership. This work will be continued in the coming years.

The other priority programmes of the Partnership are structures by the following departments/centers: PIMEN – the Orthodox Institute of Missiology and Ecumenism, which is developing programmes of Christian mission and interdenominational cooperation, Religious Pedagogical Canter, “Social Ethic”, “Inter-Religious Dialogue”, and “Ecumenical Theological Education in Eastern and Central Europe” resource centers; the Library and the Publishing House “The Apostolic City”.

We define our main goals as follows:
-developing the structures of religious and peace education and enlightenment
-completing an analysis of the interrelationship between the society, churches, and religious communities;
-completing the study of the religious situation in the country, that is, the denominational scope and the intensiveness of religious life;
-the analysis of the problems of church life and finding ways to resolve them;
-assuring peace and unity while overcoming religious conflicts and animosity
-finding new ways of evangelization