Soldiers’ Mothers St. Petersburg

Razhyezhaya Street 9
St.-Petersburg, 191002

Russian Federation
Ella M. Polyakova
+70 812 112 41 99; +70 812 112 50 58
+70 812 112 41 99; +07 812 112 50 58

“Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg” is a non-governmental human rights organization that legally defends the rights of conscripts, soldiers in the active army, and their families by informing them of their legal right to refuse military conscription. Our organization informs people of their constitutional rights and shows then how they can make use of the laws that protect them. We teach people how they can take an active role in protecting their rights to life, health and self-respect. Our organization acts as a vehicle for the formation of legal culture. In order for Russia to become a truly democratic state, it is necessary to alter people's perpective and understanding of the law. We believe that every Russian citizen has to know their rights in order to become an active member of civil society. Only pressure from below can guarantee a democratic development in the Russian Federation.

Program Priorities: 

In the next three years we will of course continue our civil society programme, i.e. teaching our human rights school, conducting seminars and trainings to allow people to act more self-confident and believe in their own capabilities. We will continue to publicize our observations, findings and researches. We are also working on our own website. One of our biggest priorities is after all spreading information. We will continue to act as a pressure group concerning the abolition of conscription and continue our monitoring of human rights violations within the barracks. To this end we keep our database on servicemen up-to-date and are planning to develop exactly such a database for conscripts. We also started a project involving sociological research of the degree of militarization of the Russian society, resulting in our publication “the army and I.” Purpose of this project is to allow people to openly see, hear and speak about this subject, which of course is of dire importance if your aim is to accomplish a demilitarized society. We need to further create openness within our society and abandon past taboos. Therefore we wish to accomplish a greater mobility of information and peace-education, teachings in resolving conflicts without using violence.