Human Rights and Media Resource Centre

Sri Lanka
Rev. Fr. Nandana Manatunga
+94 81 22 33 964
+94 81 22 33 964

Began as a Centre for the communication Apostolate in 1994 and organized groups to work for the development of Media. Gradually in 1998 we expanded our work focusing on Human Rights, Peace, and Environment. By year 2000 we set up our own studio and produced our own audio/visuals on those focused areas. Now we do radio programmes for the provincial service and National service We have large membership Catholic and non-Catholic trained youth and children working with the centre.

Their Work: 

Media work – Training, Production of audio/visuals, Stage drama, street drama. Human Rights unit; Human Rights Training, Campaign, Lobby, research. Victim Cantered Activity-Legal assistance to the victims Providing security to the victims of Rape, Torture & Child abuse and their families. Trauma Counselling, Health care to the victims Assistance to the families of the victims.

Program Priorities: 

Produce more audio/visuals on Peace & Human rights to the Natinal Radio / T.V Training programmes with audio/visuals on human Rights, Rule of Law. Campaign against the un-due delay in the adjudication process. Strengthening the existing Media & Human Rights groups in 25 parishes, schools, villages, and tea estates. Folk school method to be adopted. Mobile unit to be advanced for training on Peace education, conflict resolution and Human Rights. Improve the library and the documentation centre.