Australia: Pax Christi Australia leader contributes chapter in new book examining "the warrior and the pacifist" (free electronic download through 23 October)


11/9/18 - Joseph Camilleri of Pax Christi Australia has written a chapter in the new book, The Warrior and the Pacifist. The chapter is entitled, "Christianity and Islam in an age of transition: Violence or Healing?" The publisher has made an electronic copy of The Warrior and the Pacifist available for free at this link until 23 October.

This book looks at two contradictory ethical motifs—the warrior and the pacifist—across four major faith traditions—Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—and their role in shaping our understanding of violence and the morality of its use. The Warrior and the Pacifist explores how these faith traditions, which now mutually inhabit our life spaces, bring with them across the millennia the moral teachings that have traveled from prehistoric humanity, embedded in the beliefs, rituals, and institutions socially constructed by humans to deal with ultimate concerns, core aspects of daily personal and social life, and life transitions.


Joseph Camilleri, Pax Christi Australia, The Warrior and the Pacifist, Christianity, Islam, nonviolence