Austria: Pax Christi Austria calls for an end to the Turkish attacks in Afrin


from KAP

13/2/18 - The Austrian section of the Catholic peace movement "Pax Christi" has called for the immediate end to the attacks of Turkish army units on the Syrian province of Afrin. The warfare on foreign state territory in the "Operation Olive Branch" disregarded the territorial integrity of another state and was a breach of international law, the organisation criticised in a broadcast on Thursday. The reasoning of the Turkish side, with the attacks to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state on the border with Turkey, does not justify the military action.

Pax Christi appealed to the Austrian government to "engage in an active policy of neutrality both nationally and internationally, and to make a stand on current developments in northern Syria." Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl must "do everything in her power" to settle the fighting and represent this position in international committees.

The attacks with bombs and artillery fire had already claimed the lives of numerous civilians, the peace movement referred to media reports. Battle tanks of German production are also involved in the invasion.


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