Austria: Play on the life of Franz Jägerstätter to be hosted in New York City by the Austrian Cultural Forum


Premiering on 1 December in New York City, USA, is the play, "Jägerstätter", Felix Mitterer's gripping drama based on the life and death of the martyr Franz Jägerstätter (1907-1943), an Austrian farmer who refused to fight on behalf of Hitler because of his faith, morals and ideals.  Pax Christi Austria's Elisabeth Jungmeier has been cited by the Austrian Consulate as helping to make the staging of the play happen. Elisabeth had visited the Austrian Consulate in New York City to propose they support staging the play in New York City. 
The play depicts Franz as a courageous but struggling and insecure human being – and not at all as a saint – presenting a struggle with our responsibility to the world and holding on to one's morals in the most difficult of times and circumstances. 
The 60-minute performance will be followed by a dialogue with Director Guy Ben-Aharon, the translators Gregor Thuswaldner and Robert Dassanowsky, as well as the award winning screenwriter and producer Elisabeth Bentley, moderated by Professor Carol Gilligan (author of In a Difference Voice). 


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