Austria: Report from Pax Christi Austria on the International Jägerstätter Commemoration 2019


19/8/19 - The following report is from Pax Christi Austria on the "International Jägerstätter-Commemoration 2019: Resistance also Lives from Memory".

The central idea at the international Jägerstätter commemoration in St. Radegund and Tarsdorf on August 8 and 9, 2019 was: "Provocateurs of Remembrance" such as Blessed Franz Jägerstätter and Blessed Restituta Kafka. They are role models for the question: Where do Christians have to courageously resist today?

Sister Dr. Ruth Beinhauer from Vienna spoke about her co-sister, the "provocateur of the faith - the blessed Restituta Kafka in resistance", whose 125th birthday in the year 2019 is commemorated. Beinhauer is herself a Franciscan Sister of Christian Love ("Hartmann Schwester") from Vienna, lived in Rome for twelve years and is Vice Postulator of the beatification
and canonisation process for Restituta Kafka. She is currently preparing the first issue of Sr. Restituta's letters from prison in the Vienna Regional Court.

In 1896 Sr. Restituta Kafka came with her family from Moravian Husovice (Hussowitz) near Brno to Vienna. At the age of 19 she joined the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Love and received the religious name "Maria Restituta". After the First World War, she became a nurse in the hospital Moedling. In 1938, after the "Anschluss" of Austria to Nazi Germany, she refused to remove the crucifixes from the hospital rooms. In addition, she was accused of dictating and reading two dissident texts. Arrested by the Gestapo directly from the operating room, she was beheaded in Vienna in 1943 for "favoring the enemy and preparing for high treason" after having been in prison for one year...

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