Belgium: Belgians oppose the development and use of killer robots says Pax Christi Flanders


29/1/19 - A large majority of citizens do not want 'killer robots'. This is evident from a new international survey conducted by Ipsos in 26 countries, including Belgium. In Belgium, 63 percent of the population opposes them. "The Belgian government must take this umpteenth signal seriously and actively campaign for an international ban on killer robots," says the peace movements Pax Christi Vlaanderen and Vredesactie.

Killer robots are completely autonomous weapon systems that can select and kill targets without human control. The United Nations will discuss in 2019 whether formal negotiations are being started to ban such weapons systems.

Belgians do not want killer robots

A new poll, commissioned by the international Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, shows that 63 percent of the Belgian population does not want killer robots. The poll confirms earlier polls from July 2018 and January 2017, in which respectively 60 and 62 percent of Belgians spoke out against the development and use of killer robots.

The "crossing of a moral boundary" (69%) is indicated as the main reason for Belgian aversion to killer robots. In addition, reference is made to the lack of accountability of these killing machines (48%), the risk of technical failure (47%), the incompatibility with international law (18%) and the high cost price (17%)...

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