Belgium: BePax to lead training for teachers on racism, sexism and homophobia in Namur in May


23/4/18 - BePax will be leading a training on racism, sexism and homophobia in Namur, Belgium on 1 May. The training asks: What are the common mechanisms underlying racism, sexism and homophobia? How do you understand and detect them? What are the effects on the people who are victims and what are the possible reactions for them? Finally, how to build answers for your target audiences? This training is for teachers.

Date: May 1, 2018
Schedule: 09:30 to 16:30

Contact person: Nicolas Rousseau
Telephone number: 02 / 896.95.00

Address: Rue de Bruxelles, 61 to 5000 Namur (6th floor)

In today's Belgian society, some identities are easier to live than others. The training aims first of all to enlighten the concept of identity assignment, a phenomenon which consists in reducing a person (or a group) to only one of his identities. We will question the role of the stereotypes and prejudices that accompany this phenomenon, and will return concretely to racist, sexist and homophobic dynamics. We will discuss the different forms of hostility provoked by the phenomenon, as well as its deleterious effects on the targeted people, in particular, and on society, in general. In parallel with a conceptual upgrade, we will discuss possible actions to raise your students' awareness.

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