Belgium: BePax offers a 12 day training to become a diversity leader


by BePax

6/12/18 - BePax is organising a training which offers the opportunity to develop theoretical and practical skills on diversity issues. The objective is to offer the necessary knowledge to become the reference person in your association or company on issues related to diversity and discrimination.

The question of diversity and interculturality is at the heart of the themes encountered in both public and private institutions. We offer a training giving access to a whole series of knowledge (theoretical, practical, methodological) on these questions with the aim of becoming an expert and a reference person within your professional team. You will be led to raise awareness, manage issues of diversity and interculturality, but also propose courses of action and develop your theoretical skills in terms of discrimination.

The training will take place from January 2019 to December 2019 in Namur. The 12 days will be spread over this period, allowing you to continue your learning with professionals of diversity...

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