Belgium: Pax Christi Flanders to participate in "Silence Circles" commemorating the Palestinian "Nakba", 15 May


from Pax Christi Flanders

14/5/18 - On 15 May 2018, silence circles will be held in various Belgian cities and municipalities to commemorate the Palestinian 'Nakba'. Approximately 750,000 Palestinians fled their homes and villages in 1948. The vast majority of them could never return.

The Jews who settled in Palestine before 1948 celebrated on 14 May of that year when David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the independent state of Israel. After centuries of persecution, the Jewish people finally had a homeland. This year the seventieth anniversary of the state will be celebrated with the necessary festivities. As the proverbial cherry on the cake, the United States will move its embassy to Jerusalem on this very day. But in the Palestinian collective memory the events of 1948 are recorded as the Nakba, the 'catastrophe'. Approximately 750,000 Palestinians had to flee. More than 500 Palestinian villages and hamlets were swept off the map. The number of refugees has since increased to roughly 7 million people...

Every year on May 15, millions of Palestinians commemorate the Nakba. On this seventieth anniversary, Pax Christi Flanders chooses to follow their example together with Broederlijk Delen and many local partners in Flanders. With the silence circles we want to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people for the suffering that happened 70 years ago. We want to express our indignation at the persistent injustice that is being done to them and to call on Israel to respect human rights and international humanitarian law. With these quiet circles we hope for more recognition, also in Belgium, for the Palestinian 'catastrophe' of 1948 that continues to this day...

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