Belgium: Pax Christi Flanders responds to the US termination of the INF Treaty


5/2/19 - The United States announced on 1 February 2019 that it would withdraw from the historic INF treaty from 1987. This will reverse decades of progress on nuclear disarmament and can unleash a new nuclear arms race on European soil. European countries must finally abandon their nuclear ambiguity and take concrete steps towards full nuclear disarmament.

The INF treaty, concluded in 1987 between Michael Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, was a historic milestone: the first time a full 'category' of nuclear weapons was banned.

400,000 Belgians

Thanks to the treaty, the United States and the Soviet Union destroyed 2,692 missiles by 1 June 1991. This included the American cruise missiles and Pershing II missiles that were placed in Europe after the notorious NATO double decree (1979).

Pax Christi Flanders and other Belgian peace organisations played a leading role in the organisation of mass demonstrations against this double decision in the 1980s. 400,000 Belgians argued against the placement of cruise missiles in Florennes air base. The so-called cruise missiles were eventually removed thanks to the INF treaty...

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