Belgium: Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles supports diverse team of young journalists, volunteers


Each young person builds a unique identity, made up of many facets: family, living place, origin, nationality, hobbies, religion, belief, gender or sexual orientation ... It is the combination of these facets that form incomparable beings. With this in mind, our member organisation, Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles, supports a non-profit youth organisation called Magma – a team of journalists and volunteers. In their web magazine the articles reflect the rich diversity of youth in Belgium.

In some situations, people may reduce the "Other" to a single facet, try to get him "into a box" that could define, simplify and dismiss him easily. In such a climate, young people are sometimes forced to choose definitively between an origin or nationality, culture or religion.

The journalists and volunteers of Magma tell us how the various facets of their identity are articulated and inseparable, and now form a whole. In the tension between the need to attract attention to their trajectory and the need to pass unnoticed, they remind us how important it is that society recognizes and respects their rights, and enables them to express themselves without distinction, to simply be themselves.

Find the web magazine here.


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