Burundi: Forty more young people trained in active nonviolence from the Catholic Action Movement


4/10/18 - On 20 and 21 September 2018, a training on “Empowering new generations on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship” was held in one of the halls of the parish of Saint-Sauveur in Nyakabiga (Archdiocese of Bujumbura) in Burundi.

The training was attended by young people from the Catholic Action Movements and prayer groups of the Saint-Sauveur Parish of Nyakabiga: 40 young men and women responded to the invitation that the Nduwamahoro organisation had sent to them, for participating to the training.

After a prayer and an introduction, the Coordinator of Catholic Action Movements of Nyakabiga Parish on behalf of the Parish Priest, gave a speech welcoming and thanking for the work that was going to be done in their parish. He also invited the participants to read carefully the material proposed to them, saying that it is an exceptional chance to have themes as rich and attractive for young people belonging to Catholic action movements.

He also added that they will have to serve as a link to the community and to return the matter received to the other young people that they represented, so that they start fighting nonviolently against the violence which takes scale in their country and in the Great Lakes subregion as a whole.

The second speaker was the Nduwamahoro National Coordinator who in turn explained to the participants the merits of the project and the existing partnership between Pax Christi International and Nduwamahoro-Le Non Violent Actif. He gave the floor to the trainers, Ms. Angèle Nahimana and Mr. Oscar Nibaruta. Their way of teaching consisted in combining the presentation of the material given by the first trainer, and a synthesis of it displayed on a flipchart by the second trainer.

The participants found the material and the training itself very interesting and expressed the wish to increase the presence at a possible next training so that it affects many more young people, including adults.


Burundi, Catholic Action Movements, Africa, Great Lakes, nonviolence, Empowering new generations on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship