Burundi: Launching activities for active nonviolence training in Burundi


18/11/18 - As part of the project "Empowering New Generations in Active Nonviolence and Entrepreneurship" in the Great Lakes region of Africa, two training sessions on active nonviolence took place at two schools this month.

The first took place at Kinama Municipal High School on 8 November 2018. The beneficiaries of the training were students in the 3rd Earth Sciences and Biochemistry classes, including 45 girls and 48 boys (in black and white uniforms).

The next day, 9 November 2018, the same training was given to the students of the Holy Family High School of Kinama, classes of 2nd Earth Sciences and Biochemistry and 2nd language (in blue and white uniforms). There were 70 students, 26 girls and 44 boys.

The subject taught was Module 1 of the Trainer's Guide. The Pax Christi International team of the Kamenge Youth Center, namely Mrs Joséphine Kareruwa (trainer), Evrard Ntirampeba (trainer), Claude Nkurunziza (coordinator) co-facilitated the two training sessions.

Administrations in both institutions appreciated the nonviolence training as well as the students. On the other hand, the directors proposed that they will be provided with project visibility materials such as T-shirts, hats, notebooks, pens and certificates of participation.


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