Canada: Pax Christi Montreal supports choosing nonviolent resistance


On 29 January, Pax Christi Montreal/Antennes de paix with the Nonviolence Resource Centre and Restotartive Justice Services Centre, is sponsoring "Choose Nonviolent Resistance". The program includes Martin Hébert, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Université Laval; Dominique Boisvert, member of Conscience Canada and author of Nonviolence. An urgent and effective weapon (Écosociété, 2017); Laurence Guénette, President of the Québec-Guatemala Support Project and the Quebec Network of Environmental Groups.

In 2018, we commemorate three great figures of nonviolent resistance: Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, who were murdered 70 and 50 years ago respectively, and Daniel Berrigan, who was arrested 50 years ago for defying U.S. military authorities, burning the files of conscripts about to be sent to Vietnam. Is the ethical and political choice for nonviolence still relevant? On what does the effectiveness of nonviolent strategies depend? How can they transform sustainable social structures?

The program begins at 7pm at Bellarmin House (25 Jarry Street West, Montreal) with a suggested contribution of $5.


Pax Christi Montreal, Antennes de paix, nonviolence, Martin Hebert, Dominique Boisvert, Laurence Guenette, Dan Berrigan, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi