Catholic groups in Indonesia condemn the disruption of Mass in Central Java


Catholic groups that are members of the Indonesian Catholic Society Forum (Forum Masyarakat Katolik Indonesia, a Pax Christi International Member Organisation) and the Catholic Youth Branch of Surakarta Commissariat condemned the disruption of a Mass in Penumping, District Laweyan, Solo, Central Java. The commissioner of the Catholic Youth Branch of Surakarta, J. Antonius Bambang Tri Antono, expressed in a joint statement the core values that are the basis for the condemnation. In the statement he mentioned that, despite living with many differences, all human beings have one God and that human beings should acknowledge both their unity and diversity. He went on to address the importance of protecting one's religion and the sacred space of worship. Acts of intolerance that promote violence, like the one perpetrated in Central Java, are contrary to what is good in human nature. The Catholic groups have appealed to law enforcement agencies to act firmly against any group that interferes with the practice of other religions.

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