CATHOLIC NONVIOLENCE INITIATIVE: Consultation on a new moral framework for Catholic teaching on nonviolence, just peace being held in Nairobi, Kenya


9/4/18 - On 9-10 April in Nairobi, Kenya, Pax Christi International is hosting a consultation as part of the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative with African peace practitioners, theologians, activists, and grassroots leaders living in the midst of situations of violent conflict. The consultation is exploring the question of a new moral framework for Catholic teaching on nonviolence and just peace, one of the areas in which the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative (CNI) is focusing its work. This new moral framework will support the creation and promotion of nonviolent alternatives and effective strategies to grapple with and transform violence and injustice. The CNI, a project of Pax Christi International, is encouraging the Catholic Church to devote its considerable moral, ecclesial and financial resources to fostering nonviolence and just, integral peace.

The April consultation is connected to the "Nonviolence in Africa" consultation that took place among Pax Christi International's African member organisations in December 2016. That gathering brought together over 50 people representing 30 member organisations in 9 African nations. 

Participants in the Nairobi roundtable discussion and consultation have come from South Africa, Kenya, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe and have done work in other African countries like Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

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For photos from the consultation, click here.


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