Democratic Republic of Congo: Advocacy action organised in Goma as part of the project on active nonviolence


17/11/18 - As part of the project on active nonviolence, the organisation Africa Reconciled in partnership with Pax Christi International, held, at the beginning of November, an advocacy action with the commander of the city of Goma, Colonel Alisa Job Amisi. Several youth organisations of the city of Goma participated in this interview.

The aim was to offer a framework of exchange with confidence in the idea of ​​strengthening relations between the youth of the city of Goma and the police. At the end of these discussions, it was decided that youth organisations should collaborate with law enforcement to end the violation of human rights during peaceful protests as well as during other advocacy actions organised by young people.

Youth organisations, especially those organising peaceful demonstrations and other advocacy activities, have also been asked to work closely with law enforcement agencies before, during and after their actions to reassure themselves that everything is going well and that human rights are respected.

The interview ended with the taking of photos and the exchange of contacts between the young people and the order of service for the city of Goma.


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