Democratic Republic of Congo: Les Amis de Nelson Mandela pour la défense de Droits Humains trains 64 young people in active nonviolence


from Les Amis de Nelson Mandela pour la défense de Droits Humains

5/9/18 - As part of the official launch and implementation of the programme "Empowering New Generations on Active Nonviolence and Entrepreneurship", our organisation, "Les Amis de Nelson Mandela pour la défense de Droits Humains" (ANMDH), organised a training on "Active Nonviolence" for animators and leaders from different groups and movements of young people, pupils and students. The training took place on Thursday, 23 August at our headquarters in Kinshasa, Matonge district, commune of Kalamu. 

Sixty-four people (including 18 young women) from the "Commissions Justice et Paix " and "MIJERCA" (Ministères des Jeunes du Renouveau charismatiques) from two Catholic parishes, the "Jeunes Défenseurs des ANMDH", Mouvement citoyen ECCHA (Engagement Citoyen pour le Changement), and the young students delegated by the Higher Institute of Statistics and Cardinal Malula University, took an active part in this training.

While the overriding goal is to train youth from the Great Lakes region in active nonviolence, peacebuilding and peaceful conflict transformation, as well as entrepreneurship training, the training series that ANMDH organises, with the support of Pax Christi International, specifically aims to:

  1. Create a group of men and women trained in active nonviolence who will provide training in active nonviolence in schools and youth movements;
  2. Support a group of disadvantaged unemployed youth to start Income Generating Activities (IGAs);
  3. Strengthen our cooperation with other Pax Christi members of the Great Lakes Region in terms of communication, information exchange, and joint decision-making on common issues to build a common vision and strengthen our collaborative capacity.

The opening ceremony was marked by the moderator's welcome, Mr. Franck Banza, coordinator of ANMDH/Pool of Kinshasa, followed by that of the project coordinator, Mr. Robert Ilunga Numbi, Executive Director.

At the end of the active nonviolence training, participants were invited to take a family photo with the coordinating team at the main courtyard of Les Amis de Nelson Mandela headquarters.
This activity was relayed by the audio-visual and written press of Kinshasa.

Read the report of the training by clicking here.


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