Democratic Republic of Congo: Pax Christi Uvira brings 2nd phase of the project on active nonviolence and entrepreneurship to a close


4/12/18 - Last Sunday, 25 November marked the last day of the training given by Pax Christi Uvira asbl to young people on active nonviolence in Uvira, in eastern DR Congo. The training of the second phase of the Youth Capacity Building Project, Empowering New Generations on Active Nonviolence and Entrepreneurship, supported by Pax Christi International, lasted four weeks.

From the outset, a few young participants had a demonstration of a conflict between farmers and herders whose cows ravaged crops in search of pasture. This skit was a case of frequent conflict in the field with the peculiarity of peaceful resolution thanks to the methods learned during the training to avoid violence.

After this demonstration, the participants, composed of the students of the Institute of Notre Dame aux Larmes and students of the Higher Institute of Rural Development-Uvira, interactively exchanged with the facilitators on the attitudes of the parties in the case of scene and this indicated the interest that both attached to the training. That allowed the facilitators to introduce the last module on "trauma healing" to the development of which it has been suggested that conflicts such as violence can negatively impact an individual psychically and cause the trauma that is also remediable.

At the end of this intervention, and after a series of questions of understanding, participants were thanked for their active participation and especially the interest they showed throughout the activities. Finally, they have been urged to use nonviolence in their daily life. At the end of the session, a family photo was taken and some interviews were recorded.


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