DR Congo: This is what NONVIOLENCE looks like! See the latest image from Africa Reconciled in the DR Congo!


7/5/18 - Today in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, our Africa regional coordinator, Dieudonne Serukabuza, begins the second of two trainings on active nonviolence with participants from our member organisations in that country. We are happy to also release to coincide with this training our latest image in the "This is what NONVIOLENCE looks like!" campaign which is taken from one of our member organisations in the DR Congo, Africa Reconciled.

Since Pope Francis's World Day of Peace message, "Nonviolence: A Style of Politics for Peace", we've been making a special effort to "affirm the vision and practice of active nonviolence at the heart of the Catholic Church". One way we're doing this is by highlighting the many different manifestations of active nonviolence within our movement. We've been featuring images from our member organisations which show concretely how they're using active nonviolence to transform the world.

Our latest image from Africa Reconciled in the Democratic Republic of Congo can be found here in English and here in French. You can also see the images below. We hope you'll join us in sharing them over social media and showing the world that "This is what NONVIOLENCE looks like!"

We invite all of our member organisations, supporters and partners, Catholics and other people of good will to help us spread the message of the vitality and strength of active nonviolence to create social change in our world today by posting this image across social media, on your websites, print and distribute in your churches, etc.

Encourage people that "This is what NONVIOLENCE looks like" and use the hashtag #ThisIsNonviolence. Help us spread the word by sharing these messages now and tagging it #ThisIsNonviolence. We've created a social media primer for you with suggestions for how to use the messages below and participate in the campaign via your social media accounts.

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