France: A core of ethics, an editorial on nuclear disarmament from Pax Christi Frances newsletter


by Dominique Lang, aa
Aumônier Pax Christi France

"Peace and international stability can not be based on a false sense of security, on the threat of mutual destruction of total annihilation, on the mere maintenance of a balance of powers."

Once again, the word of Pope Francis speaks loud and clear. So, five months after this statement, the Holy See pronounced in early July for the total ban of nuclear weapons. And he was able to vote - a first in its history - in the United Nations, the convention negotiating the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons having decided to grant this right to this micro-state which has only observer status in the United Nations, UN.

This clarity must challenge us, we who live in a country whose military defense doctrine rests largely on the maintenance of a nuclear shield...

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Dominique Lang, Pax Christi France, nuclear weapons