France: Pax Christi France says "no return the nuclear arms race!"


from Pax Christi France

11/2/19 - The following statement was released by Pax Christi France last week on the moves by the US and Russia to abandon the INF Treaty.

The INF Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear weapons, signed on 8 December 1987 by the US leader Ronald Reagan and Soviet Mikhail Gorbachev, abolished the use of a series of missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 km. This had put an end to the crisis triggered in the years leading up to 1980 by the deployment of Soviet SS 20 targeting Western capitals in European countries
from the East and led to the dismantling of thousands of nuclear weapons in Europe.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, claiming that Russia does not respect this treaty without providing evidence, announced on 1 February 2019 that the US would withdraw from this agreement, effective in six months. This announcement authorises the United States to develop again such weapons.

On 2 February 2019, President Vladimir Putin of Russia announced a symmetrical measure for his country.

Pax Christi France believes that the INF Treaty is indispensable to security and peace in the world, in Europe of course, but also in many other places of conflict (Middle East, South Asia, etc). Its abandonment foreshadows a return to the nuclear arms race, a major danger for peace in the world! It is part of the trend towards the weakening of international law as regulator of international relations in favor of the law of the strongest...

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