France: Report back and photos from Pax Christi France's annual meeting


15/3/18 - For its annual meeting held at the Catholic Institute of Paris, Pax Christi France invited remarkable speakers who practice their professions in the political, economic, and institutional decision-making bodies today.

At the open of the meeting on 10 March, Bishop Marc Stenger opened the conference with a welcome address to the professionally engaged witnesses and the audience.

"In the name of whom and for what do lobbyist groups intervene, and for which objectives? Do they defend a certain point of view or advocate for decisions made for the good of all? Decision-making, justice and truth in all circumstances must be at the source of all decisions to serve the common good through debate, information, individual and collective reflection, and the support of prayer. It is the price of peace, nonviolence and the personal fulfillment of everyone through the use of regulations, consultation and ethical deepening as the foundation of the very history of the active witnesses of Pax Christi. "...

Read the entire report by clicking here.

See photos from the event here.


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