Germany: Pax Christi Germany Bishop President says "Renegotiate the INF Treaty - and abolish all nuclear weapons"


from Pax Christi Germany

9/2/19 - The following is a statement from Pax Christi Germany President Bishop em. Heinz Josef Algermissen on the occasion of the termination of the INF Treaty by the US and Russia.

The President of the United States and subsequently the President of Russia have terminated the only treaty since 1987 for true disarmament of land-based nuclear missiles with a range of 500 to 5500 km and the destruction they would leave. This suspension of the INF Treaty breaks with proven arms control. With this, Trump and Putin are exposing the world, and Europe in particular, to irresponsible risk. This could be the prelude to a return to the "balance of horror" and an uncontrolled insane arms race. \

"Spending huge sums of money on deadly weapons can not provide enough resources to fight all the misery in the world today" (Vatican Council, Pastoral Constitution, No. 81).

The US and Russia have thus created the opportunity to freely build new medium-range missiles and to station these in Europe. The plans are obviously already in the drawing phase...

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