Germany: Pax Christi Germany calls for an immediate end to the killing of demonstrators in Gaza


from Pax Christi Germany

2/7/18 - Pax Christi Germany strongly condemns the continued killing of protesters in Gaza. Last Friday, Israeli snipers fired at protesters and shot two of them, including a twelve-year-old boy. Another 124 protesters were injured. Pax Christi urges an independent investigation by the United Nations and appeals to the federal government to support such an investigation. The Federal Government must also work within the framework of the UN to develop an international protection mechanism for the occupied Palestinian territories, as called for by the UN General Assembly. It must call on the Israeli government to immediately stop the shelling of demonstrators.

According to the Palestinian human rights organization PCHR, since March 30, 2018, 110 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been killed and more than 5,000 injured in largely peaceful demonstrations in the Great Return March. Among those killed are proven journalists and medical personnel as well as women, children and a wheelchair user. None of the dead have entered Israeli territory. According to eyewitness reports, they did not pose a threat to Israeli soldiers. "The federal government must use its special relationship with Israel to ensure that the killing is ended immediately," explains Pax Christi Federal President Norbert Richter. "Even under occupation, freedom of expression and assembly remain fundamental rights protected by international law. Those who are silent on killings of unarmed protesters betray human rights standards. Pax Christi also calls for an end to the rocket fire from Gaza."...

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