Germany: Pax Christi Germany to hold consultation on challenges to the movement, greater cooperation


4/1/19 - From 1-3 February 2019 in Magdeburg, Pax Christi Germany will host a consultation tackling the current challenges of the Pax Christi movement and focusing on expanding cooperation. The meeting will ask the questions: How is the Catholic peace movement going? How do we become sustainable? How do we make the coexistence of the 5,000 pax christi members so attractive that new ones join in and actively help to shape the peace work? Participants' questions will also be addressed.

Other discussions will include:

  • How do we effectively bring the issues of peace to the public?
  • How does the networking of "local" and "federal politics" succeed?
  • How do we organise remembrance work so that it is up-to-date today?

All those interested are invited to come. The more varied the experience and backgrounds of the participants, the more effective the consultations.

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