Haiti: CRAN asks, "State authorities, where are you?"


from CRAN (Reflection and National Action Cell)

27/5/19 - La Saline, Cité Soleil, Route Neuve, Carrefour Feuilles ... the list of places where armed gangs are sowing death is getting long. Gun violence in the midst of a defenseless people is raging. The violence becomes more brutal day by day. Human life no longer has value. The gangs operate, rape, kill, plunder, nothing seems to stop them. On the contrary, they enjoy impunity and the support of authority in many cases.

The victims testify. Young people, adults, children, shopkeepers, passers-by, people who are at home, in the middle of the day or at night ... everyone can be a victim; the population lives in anguish and fear. What is happening in the working class neighborhoods is unspeakable.

A few weeks ago, hospitals lost their sanctuary status; at this moment people's homes are being broken. Even human life is trivialised, yet the Haitian people are people who love life. What is happening?

The CRAN (Reflection and National Action Cell) expresses its solidarity with all those who are victims in these days. The life of every human being is sacred and important. Nobody has the right to withdraw it. The state has the imperative duty to defend and enforce life...

Read the entire statement in Creole and French here.


Haiti, CRAN