Haiti: CRAN publishes public note asking Haiti's leaders to fight corruption


from Cellule de Reflexion et d'Action Nationale (CRAN)

2/8/18 - Following its meeting on the third Sunday of July, Cellule de Reflexion et d'Action Nationale (CRAN) published this note, which was released to the press on Thursday, 26 July. It reads, in part:

"Thus, the CRAN is asking the new leaders to make clear how they will undertake a serious fight against corruption, because what is urgently needed above all else is to restore the necessary confidence between a population and its members. Leaders. They must clearly explain how they plan to relieve the misery of people. Our questions: What steps will they take to create meaningful social services so that health and education are accessible to all? When will the minimum wage be adjusted so that families can meet their needs? What do the leaders intend to do to slow down the race of the high cost of living that never stops? What measures do they plan to put an end to waste at the state level? How are we going to fight smuggling, which benefits big importers and kills local production? CRAN continues its advocacy for a state budget with real priorities. New leaders must explain the criteria adopted. CRAN believes that health, education, justice, the environment, local production and support for agriculture should not be absent." 

The full text of the note is in Creole and French.


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