Haiti: Progress in the exercise of rights, but still long way to go


Jan Hanssens from the National Episcopal Commission Justice and Peace Haiti (Commission Episcopale Nationale Justice et Paix d'Haiti), one of our member organisations in Haiti, was recently interviewed by Vlaams Haïti Overleg.

“People understand their rights better and there is progress in the practical exercise of certain rights," Fr. Hanssens answered to the question about how he sees the evolution of human rights in Haiti. He continued by saying that freedom of association and expression has greatly improved. At the same time he pointed out that there are massive violations of human rights, such as wages and working conditions of workers and many promises not fulfilled in the field of education.

Regarding the next presidential election of October 2016, Fr. Hanssens expressed concerns: “I do not understand that the elections has so many expenses, while still organized by existing institutions.” He asks: “MPs and senators cannot cede part of their supplements to finance the election?” Furthermore he points out that the electoral lists have to be updated, a good security plan should be drawn up and the number of political parties should be limited. Also confidentiality must be respected in the vote; secrecy, so far, has been mostly nonexistent.

You can read the whole interview in Flemish/Dutch here.


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