Honduras: Pax Christi Co-President Marie Dennis returns from "Root Causes" delegation to Honduras


8/4/19 - A delegation of nearly 75 faith leaders and immigrant justice advocates, mostly from the United States, and several joining from South America, traveled to Honduras March 18-25 to meet with grassroots and religious partners in order to more deeply understand the root causes of migration that have spurred thousands to flee Honduras. Pax Christi International Co-President Marie Dennis was a member of the delegation (pictured at right).

The international, interfaith delegation met with organisations working and advocating for the rights of migrants and explored factors that are forcing migrants to flee, including violence; environmental degradation; and the ongoing effects of the 2009 coup, which opened the door for drug cartels, organised crime, corrupt security forces, and near total impunity for human rights violations. The delegation met with victims of the government-sponsored repression following the unconstitutional, fraudulent election of November 2017 (supported by the U.S.) and met with communities fighting against displacement caused by extractive industries and those impacted by human rights violations.




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