India: Message from the director: Exciting year in the ideas children home


"Lots of things happened here at ideas, Lots of people come with fruits, sweets, and rice and oil and whatever they can afford to give to our ideas children to show that they care. At present we have 18 girls and 28 boys receiving food, education, cosmetics and shelter.

We started a partnership to promote online education to the rural students. So far we have nine centers taken care by ideas, we are helping almost 400 students learn digital education.

Another partnership is together with a child safety network. In each village we have free tuition centers to supplement what kids learn in school. It is also to create a network with all the key persons in the village to safe guard the child from harmful environment.

2017 is going to be my silver jubilee in the service of street and orphan kids, starting in 1992 with this work. Since 1998 I am founder and director of ideas voluntary organization which takes care of street, orphan, abandoned, neglected frustrated, disturbed, and aimless and purposeless kids. Yes, I am father to the fatherless, voice for the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. So far I have helped 15,000 children. But to continue our work with street and orphan kids to give them hope and aim, we need help.

Ideas always relies on peoples’ support, which is the heart of a successful project like ours. 2017 will have an impact if we can support such initiatives that empower children and help them participate in solving their own problems.

We made a small calendar for 2017 as silver jubilee remembrance. And would plan 25 activities in 2017 that will benefit the children. We also have a new website: and you give your valuable suggestions to improve it.

This note comes to say a big thank you to each one of you for remembering our kids for your birthdays and wedding anniversaries and to faithfully contribute to our growth and development." 


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